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Wang Ling, a gynecologist in Chengyang District People's Hospital, moved to the collection point of Shuiyue city in Chengyang District since yesterday. From 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., she and her colleagues collected 2300 samples at this site.



bob电竞客户端下载Shuiyue City collection point is close to the business district, with a large number of floating population. From 8 a.m. to post, she and her colleagues have basically not rested. The protective clothing is five or six hours after wearing. The clothes on her body are wet and dry, dry and wet. "We are good at this point. I heard that all the colleagues at other collection sites didn't have lunch until the afternoon or even at night, and they were afraid to drink water and couldn't go to the bathroom." Wang Ling said that there are more than 70 collection points in Chengyang District. The people's Hospital in Chengyang District will send about 400 medical staff to disperse to all street communities every day, and work overtime to finish the collection work. "Yesterday, there were colleagues who worked until midnight for more than 12, and went again early today."



bob电竞客户端下载In addition to completing the collection work, Wang Ling and her colleagues should also ensure that the outpatient work of the hospital is carried out normally. "We are a team of five people, leaving one in the hospital to see the clinic, and the others at the collection point. Wait until the outpatient off duty, and then come to the collection point for replacement. " Wang Ling said that now the whole province is providing reagent support for Qingdao, "as long as the reagent arrives, we will continue to work, and we will certainly be able to give you a sense of peace of mind."

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